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New benefits solutions for

  • Freedom for employees to choose the coverage that’s best for them
  • Significant annual cost savings -
    between 20% - 40%
  • Answers to changing regulations
    and laws

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Increased benefits control for

  • Own your own policy - complete portability
  • Choose your own doctor and
    coverage option
  • Pay individual premiums pre-tax

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At True Choice Services, our business is helping your business transform your company’s health plan.

We are a business advisory company that specializes in the employee benefits industry. A true service provider that will make all coverage options available and be the point-of-service for your company’s benefit program.

That’s True Choice Services, part of a new breed of benefit advisors. By using a method unique to the industry we’re flipping the usual health insurance model upside down, reducing cost while increasing choice and competition.

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